15 de marzo de 2012

Que descanses en paz abuela. Me gustaría decir que lo siento mucho, pero sería más honesto decir que me hubiera gustado tenerte alguna vez. Así como tambien me gustaría tener una familia menos mierda que la mía. Pero a cada uno le toca lo que le toca. Tal vez nos veamos en otra vida, pero realmente no sé si me interesa tampoco.

15 de febrero de 2012

MYV @ Twitter

hell yeh! RT   Miyavi I've wrote a novel about you and fellow JRockers would you be interested in reading it?

Wife... when i get back home in the morning...lol -MYV“: do you have any Fears?? 

dont make me CRAVE it. -MYV RT  Do you like CHURRASCO? Argentina still singing 

everytime i play the guitar, they bang heads n shake booties! RT you are going to teach music to your sweeties??

my daughters are monster. -MYV RT  would you rather have a pet dinosaur or dragon 

give him a kiss for me-MYV“:Your WHAT'S MY NAME is ringtone of my dad cellphone. 

BLACK right?? “ Blue or Purple?!

yeh... i need another world tour! RT  do you think you've gained weight??  

100 baby!!!!! -MYV “: On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy are you? :)  

busy. but i feel full of love. -MYV RT  how do you feel answering all these questions from your fans? 

spendin time w/ my family as much as i can. -MYV RT What do you do on the weekends? 

yeah! i want to. jus keep callin out my name.-MYV “: T-T Promise to come back soon? 

lastly, i will continue doin my thing to make the world happier place with my guitar, so please keep up with me. -MYV 

♥♥♥♥ So happy :')

18 de enero de 2012

Singing songs that make you slit your wrists.

Día productivo gracias a las rebajas de verano ♥ ! Me compré este hermoso vestido de Cuesta  Blanca, entre otras cosas. 

Cartera Todo Moda - $119

Cinto Todo Moda (soy una colgada y no me acuerdo el precio xD)

Vestido Cuesta Blanca - $149