15 de febrero de 2012

MYV @ Twitter

hell yeh! RT   Miyavi I've wrote a novel about you and fellow JRockers would you be interested in reading it?

Wife... when i get back home in the morning...lol -MYV“: do you have any Fears?? 

dont make me CRAVE it. -MYV RT  Do you like CHURRASCO? Argentina still singing 

everytime i play the guitar, they bang heads n shake booties! RT you are going to teach music to your sweeties??

my daughters are monster. -MYV RT  would you rather have a pet dinosaur or dragon 

give him a kiss for me-MYV“:Your WHAT'S MY NAME is ringtone of my dad cellphone. 

BLACK right?? “ Blue or Purple?!

yeh... i need another world tour! RT  do you think you've gained weight??  

100 baby!!!!! -MYV “: On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy are you? :)  

busy. but i feel full of love. -MYV RT  how do you feel answering all these questions from your fans? 

spendin time w/ my family as much as i can. -MYV RT What do you do on the weekends? 

yeah! i want to. jus keep callin out my name.-MYV “: T-T Promise to come back soon? 

lastly, i will continue doin my thing to make the world happier place with my guitar, so please keep up with me. -MYV 

♥♥♥♥ So happy :')

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